Preguntas Frecuentes

If I participate, what do I get out of the weekend?

The worst case scenario is that you will work with brilliant people from numerous disciplines toward the common goal of building real companies and products. Great connections happen at 3 Day Startup: cofounders meet, complimentary skill sets collide, and friends are made. The best case scenario is that you will be a cofounder of a wildly successful new tech startup.

Why should I trust your legal and equity structure?

Our legal structure has been designed and implemented by an experienced law firm with a global presence. Many 3DS companies have been incubated and have taken investment after the weekend. Each of the investments have undergone legal scrutiny and due diligence. Additionally, we have received positive feedback from participants, inventors and founders.

I have a great idea or invention. I’m worried about it being stolen.

This is probably the most common concern for 3DS participants. Our legal structure is designed so that invited participants can freely share their ideas among each other in a protected environment without having to worry about things being stolen.

We believe firmly that ideas are cheap and execution is everything, which is why we focus most of our attention on action. But don’t just take it from us: there is broad consensus on that topic in the startup community. See hereherehere, and here for just a few examples. In short, we are in the business of making ideas happen, not stealing them.

Who is this non profit, anyway?

3 Day Startup, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.   It has no shareholders, only a board of directors mainly composed of current and former University of Texas students.  These are the people who created the original 3 Day Startup event in Spring of 2008.  3 Day Startup, Inc., is organized for the express purpose of promoting entrepreneurship on college campuses.

How does 3DS make money?

We are a not for profit entity, primarily funded through sponsorship.

I’m a student majoring in X. Should I even consider applying?

The short answer is: yes. Our past participants have spanned everything from a freshman in psychology to a freshly minted PhD in Neuroscience. If you’re at all passionate about startups and technology, it is likely that you will be a valuable participant.

Can I apply even though I am not a student?

Absolutely. While the majority will be students, we are definitely open to having some (very strong) non student participants.

What kind of ideas are allowed?

Ideas with scalable business models are strongly preferred.  We also optimize the event for ideas that will require a strong software base.

Our selection criteria for ideas are (1) your amount of passion and (2) the amount of research on your own idea that you perform before your interview.

What happens at the end of the weekend?

At 7 p.m. on Sunday, the participants pitch their startups to a panel of local venture capitalists, angel investors, tech entrepreneurs, professors, and the press. After that, they start making plans about how to take their companies forward.

For general FAQ about 3 Day Startup, please head over to the global 3 Day Startup FAQ.