Welcome to 3DS Barcelona —

The mission of 3 Day Startup is to build entrepreneurial capabilities and cultures on university campuses. We do this by helping teams at universities around the globe organize 3DS events that help turn students into entrepreneurs, and connect those students with a powerful network of mentors, investors and talent.

Over one weekend, participants will create:

  • business models
  • contact with potential customers
  • prototypes
  • lasting professional and personal relationships

The 3DS Barcelona event is a locally organized 3 Day Startup event and the second one to happen in Barcelona. Elena García Pont (Linkedin) will be organizing this event. The organizing team in Spain is composed by Pablo, Sonia and Jacob. Email the 3DS Barcelona team here: Barcelona@3daystartup.org.

3 Day Startup, Inc. is a non-profit that helps teams run 3DS events by providing them with tools, resources and consulting. More information can be found at www.3DayStartup.org, or by contacting info@3DayStartup.org.